Aspects of web design

A common misconception of web design is that it involved mere conceptualization and execution of the appearance of the website.

The truth is that this is only one factor taken into account when designing a website. The most basic aspects of website design that include:


This is where graphic designers/artists come in. This takes into consideration not only the images but also the font used in the text and even the unused spaces. The aim is to get a pleasant, appealing, professional and distinctive look.


This involves the overall user experience. There are plenty of websites that looks good to the eyes but is really hard to navigate/use.


Web design should take into account accessibility issues. It should conform to web standards so that users with different browsers and computer specifications can access the page. This also includes consideration for people with special needs.


The content is thought by most as not the domain of a web designer, but the truth is that conceptualization of the actual content of the website is part of the whole web design process. Determining the scope of the contents as well as how it will be presented is part of the web design process.

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